Study: Consumers Prefer Made in USA by Boston Consulting Group

Who says that U.S. manufacturers can't compete? Not American consumers, apparently. Not Chinese ones either. The arithmetic of manufacturing in the U.S. has been gradually changing as wages rise in places like China and Brazil, narrowing the labor cost gap between outsourced goods and U.S. made … [Read more...]

A Letter From Executive Chef Russel Hays

" Hey , I wanted to get back to you on the scale, we've been using it for a few weeks and love it.  It's a much better size for us than the little one we had before.  The fact that we can take it apart and wash it is very nice.  It gets used all day long but still looks new AND we haven't had to … [Read more...]

Hot Products at NAFEM

Check Out these NEW products from American Metalcraft that were a hit at NAFEM! … [Read more...]

NAFEM Show Cardinal International Booth

In case you missed it you can view the entire booth here. … [Read more...]

A Picture Says a Thousand Words by Lee Davis

Below is a photo I took myself. I’m no professional photographer, but what you can see from this picture is that these two Rubbermaid BPA free food containers bare no sign of food stains or discoloration. I photographed them on a white café table, so if they did, you’d be able to see … [Read more...]