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What is a rep firm and why is this significant to my food establishment?

  • A rep (or representation) firm, is a private team hired by factories/manufacturers to promote their brand in a geographic territory
    • Our firm covers Alabama, Florida Pan-handle, Georgia, and Tennessee
  • In essence, the rep firm is the glue between the end user (the hotel, restaurant, caterer, food establishment), the distributor, and the factory

You may not realize this, if you have an established business, there is a high likelihood that your equipment and small wares dealer is supported by rep firms.

Recommendations on the Web

We are living not only in the world of firms. Below we prepare a list of websites and resources you should follow/check out.
*Be aware these won’t be directly related to A rep firm as we have enough of this on daily basis.

1. Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me – my personal favorite after-work spending video site. It’s obviously adults only. What’s so special about it? Well, by reading its name you probably get a bright idea aleady, it’s all about seduction methods and ways for totally perverted stepsisters and their step brothers. A game of hunting and being hunted… in the family! – Choice of 2018.